rad3 Zubehör

rad3 - kids box for BULLITT
483.00 € 483.00 € 483.0 EUR
Our Kids Box is designed to carry your two beloved little ones.
Inspired by a big player and adapted to the BULLITT. The box is manufactured in Leipzig and made of water-resistant ply wood, 6 and 9 mm thick, respectively.

The box is easy to strip down: Just release the belt, take off the side boards - and now you can transport your fridge layed across the platform. To insert or to remove the back plate is as easy: open the belt, get the plate in or out, feed the belt through the slits as needed, fasten it tight, and  your are ready to go.

ATTENTION: Current lead time app. 4-6 weeks!
rad3 - Schutzdeck (board) for BULLITT
73.20 € 73.20 € 73.2 EUR
Das Board für Ihr BULLITT Lastenrad.
Leichter als das Honeycomb board vom Hersteller, trägt, was auch Ihr Rad trägt und ist aus Holzwerkstoff hergestellt in Leipzig.
rad3 - red softbag for DOUZE V2 (800)
275.00 € 275.00 € 275.0 EUR
Schwarz passt fast immer aber Farben machen das Fahrradleben bunt!
Verpassen Sie Ihrem Douze V2 ein Upgrade und zeigen Sie Stil.
red cover for cushion of rad3 kids box
38.10 € 38.10 € 38.1 EUR
Ein roter Bezug aus Heiro rainstop (oder ähnlich).
Andere Farbe gewünscht? Fragen Sie uns!
black cover for rad3 kids box
82.90 € 82.90 € 82.9 EUR
Abdeckplane gegen Regen, neugierige Blicke und mehr.
Andere Farbe? Fragen Sie uns!
Canopy black for rad3 kids box
351.00 € 351.00 € 351.0 EUR
To keep your little one dry even in heavy rain.
(price ONLY valid when shopping WITH the kids box)
Fidlock belts for rad3 kids box
25.00 € 25.00 € 25.0 EUR
magnetic Fidlock belts instead of the standard
Ortlieb outer pockets S for rad3 kids box
27.00 € 27.00 € 27.0 EUR
size S
Ortlieb outer pockets L for rad3 kids box
31.00 € 31.00 € 31.0 EUR
size L
Canopy black for rad3 kids box (buy later)
365.00 € 365.00 € 365.0 EUR
To keep your little one dry even in heavy rain.
(price ONLY valid when shopping WITH the kids box)
rad3 - back board for Schutzdeck
32.00 € 32.00 € 32.0 EUR
The back board for our Schutzdeck.
(screws included)